overseas trip….

I have been to foreign travel only once.

I have been to foreign travel only once. I went to Taiwan tour a long time ago. However, because it was a one - time overseas trip, I did not feel like traveling full of memories. Rather, it is more impressive to say that you have made a great deal of thoughtful things, such as travel preparation and procedures, busy movement in Taiwan. Although it may have been useless to some extent because it went on a tour, the content was hard and it was not easy to imagine now, it was a quick thing. After all, it was a trip that I did not remember much about where and what I did but there are things that remain intensely impressed. It was like a pharmacy seemingly guided by the guide. Medicine such as traditional Chinese medicine was sold on the first floor, but we were guided to the second floor. And a dubious old man appeared in front of our eyes sitting in front of the showcase where the medicine was lining up. When I thought ""What is going to start?"", The old man began preparations for now. When we started talking about something to us who were looking at the actions of the old man in a stupid way, suddenly I pressed a stick of iron covered with fire against my arms. And again, as I said something a little word, I started painting the cream that was in the case. Everyone noticed here. That is Taiwan version of ""bean oil selling"". It was an old man who showed his arm as soon as he said ""How!"", We were completely whitening. Surely, the guide says, ""This medicine is famous because it works well. Why do not you buy something? ""I did not hear anyone listen. Of course I was, but when I saw the showcase, there was a package of medicines that I care about somewhat. Because I say that it is a medicine to adjust the condition of my stomach when I hear it, I suddenly remembered that my wife was suing the bad condition of his stomach earlier. I have not bought a souvenir for my wife yet, and thought that it might be good for such a thing, I bought the medicine in the atmosphere of ""Do you really buy that?"" I am not good at choosing souvenirs, I thought that this could be unexpectedly pleasing, I was satisfied with my own will. And when I returned to Japan I handed that medicine to my wife for a moment. Then my wife says, ""What's this?"" When I opened the bottle, it was black and there was a huge round medicine. ""This is not suspicious? I do not know how I can drink it because I can not read the first letter,"" she said. ""That's not true. This was quite expensive. Certainly I can not read the letter ‥. Although I recommended that I try it for the time being, my wife never drank the medicine after all. Thus my trip to Taiwan, like that souvenir, was just bitter.