overseas trip….

I am 20 years old when I got a passport.

I am 20 years old when I got a passport. I took a company that I got a job as soon as I graduated from high school when I quit at age 20. When I was a high school student, I had longing for traveling abroad after I could see SKY Perky in my house. Because I was not interested in English at all, because there is a backpack travel program called Fujiyama TV, it is a program of English and Travel English. Too much, the color of English study is not strong. Even though I can not speak English, I always enjoyed watching programs on TV, which seemed to be enjoyable overseas. I do not have the courage to go abroad alone, suddenly while admiring my longing. First, it was Okinawa that I went for a single trip. So, my acquaintance goes to Thailand and accompanied me with one back with me, it will be my first overseas trip. Since then, Thailand has been doing 4 times! The food is also delicious and welcomes you warmly even if you do not understand it, so it's comfortable and the next destination we headed for is Australia! That is the culture of Caucasian Midget and I just came back without tameing. In this way, is it a short trip? Do not you think? Actually, Australia was at work for 10 months. I spent 10 months with a mission sense that I can not return until I can enjoy pleasant memories. After all, I think I had a good experience, but it was a time of patience that I could not say it was fun! I would like to go to Thailand again and slowly stretch wings